Site Administration «www.wowhunt.com» (hereinafter referred to as «Administration») publishes this Privacy Policy for Users (hereinafter referred to as «User») Site aggregator of gaming services «www.wowhunt.com» (hereinafter referred to as the «Service»).

General Information

  • This Privacy Policy contains information about how personal information about Users of the service is collected, processed and disclosed.
  • This Privacy Policy applies to Users of the Service of all categories, including Users (customers of gaming services), as well as Performers (performers of gaming services).
  • Within the framework of this Policy, Users will further mean any persons using the Service.

Acceptance of Privacy Policy

  • Before using the Service, please carefully read the terms of use of personal information set out in the Policy. By using the Service, You understand the terms set out in this Privacy Policy and confirm your agreement to them.
  • If You do not agree with any of the terms of the Privacy Policy, You must refuse to use the Service. You may not use the Service without agreeing to the terms of this Privacy Policy.

Consent to the processing of Personal Data

  • By using the Service, the User in accordance with article 6, article 9 of the Federal law of 27.07.2006 № 152-FZ «On personal data», gives consent authority and other persons specified in this Policy, the processing by any means not prohibited by law following personal data that can be transmitted by the User Administration when using the Service: Last Name, First Name, Patronymic. Contact Information (Discord, Skype). Payment and Bank Details.
  • Additionally, Users consent to the processing of any other personal data that they will transfer to the Administration when using the Service in any form, regardless of whether the data will be transferred on the Users own initiative or transferred at the request of the Administration.

Administrations Use of other Personal Information

  • In Addition to the personal data specified in section 3 of this Policy, the Administration has the right to process the following personal information about the User:

Data about technical means (devices), technological interaction with the Site (including the host IP address, type of user’s operating system, type of browser or other program used to access the site, geographical location, Internet service provider, technical characteristics of hardware and software).
Time of Site visit and subsequent actions of the User on the Site. Information automatically obtained using Cookies.

General Information

  • The Administration processes Users personal information in full compliance with the Federal law of the Russian Federation of 27.07.2006 N 152-FZ «On personal data».
  • The Administration has the right to perform the following actions with the Users personal information: collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (update, change), extraction, use, transfer (distribution,provision, access), depersonalization, blocking, deletion and destruction.
  • The Administration processes personal data by automated and non-automated methods, with the use of computer technology and without the use of such funds.

Purposes of using Personal Information

  • The Administration uses Users personal information only for strictly defined purposes, in particular, these purposes include:

Providing the User with the opportunity to use the Service, including using all the functionality of the Service.
Creating a User profile in the Service, updating the User profile.
Personalization of the Service for the User.Determining the terms of use of the Service by the User, as well as the terms and procedure for providing gaming services to Users.
Interaction Between Users acting as customers of gaming services and Users acting as performers of gaming services. Informing the User about the opportunities associated with the use of the Service.
Maintaining feedback between the Administration and the User. Analysis of User usage statistics and analysis of Service operation statistics. Improving the Service, including fixing errors in the Service.
Protection of User against fraud.

Principles of using Personal Information

  • When using personal information about Users, the Administration undertakes to adhere to the following basic principles of using personal information: Legality, fairness and transparency. Personal data is processed legally, fairly and transparently. Any information about the purposes, methods and scope of processing of personal information is presented in the most accessible and simple way.

The limitation of purpose. Data is collected and used exclusively for the purposes stated in this Policy.
Data minimization. The Administration does not collect personal information to a greater extent than is necessary for the purposes specified in this Policy. Accuracy. Personal information that is inaccurate is deleted or subject to correction at the Users request.Limit storage. Personal information is stored for no longer than is necessary for the purposes of processing. Integrity and confidentiality. When processing User data, the Administration ensures the protection of personal data from unauthorized or illegal processing, destruction and damage.

Consent to receive Advertising and Commercial Information

  • The User agrees to send him offers of an advertising and commercial nature, including informing the User about special promotions and offers.
  • The User agrees that the sending of offers and advertising of a commercial nature may be made by any of the transferred contact data.

The action of the Privacy Policy with regard to Minors

  • If the User is under the age of 18, he / she is not entitled to use the Service. Registration in the Service by persons under 18 years of age is not allowed. In all cases, the Administration does not collect or use personal information about persons under the age of 18.
  • If the Administration becomes aware that the Service is used by persons under the age of 18, including in cases where false information is provided during registration in the Service, the Administration immediately blocks such User.

User Rights

  • The User confirms that he is familiar with his rights in relation to his personal data, provided for by the Federal Law «On personal data» dated July 27, 2006 No. 152-FZ, including the rights provided for in Art. 14-17 of the specified federal law, including the rights:

For receiving information about the processing of personal data related to this User.

For clarifying, blocking or destroying his personal data if they are incomplete, outdated, inaccurate, illegally obtained or are not necessary for the stated purpose of processing; On withdraw given to them consent to the processing of personal data;
On protecting their rights and legitimate interests, including compensation for damages and non-pecuniary damage in court; Other rights provided for by the Federal law of the Russian Federation of 27.07.2006 N 152-FZ «On personal data», as well as other provisions of the legislation.

  • The User has the right to demand that the Administration comply with the provisions of current legislation and this Policy, and if the Administration commits violations of User rights, to appeal the actions of the Administration to the authorized body for the protection of the rights of personal data subjects.

Compliance with the Users Rights under GDPR standards

  • If the User is a resident of the European Union and is subject to the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Regulation 2016/679, the provisions of this section regarding the rights of Users are additionally applied to the User. In respect of Users who are not residents of European Union countries and who are not subject to the provisions of General Data Protection Regulation, the Administration does not guarantee compliance with these rights if the relevant rights are not enshrined in the legislation of the jurisdiction of such User.
  • The User, in accordance with the standards of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), has the right at any time to request from the Administration confirmation of the fact of processing his data, the place and purpose of processing, the categories of personal data being processed, in which third parties personal data is disclosed, the period during which the data will be processed, as well as clarify the source of the receipt of personal information by the Administration and require its correction.
  • The User in accordance with the standards of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), may at any time exercise the right to be forgotten, which implies the deletion of the Users personal information upon request in accordance with the terms of this Policy.
  • The User understands that the Administration, in accordance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), is obliged to notify the regulatory authorities of any violations related to the use of personal information within 72 hours after the discovery of such a violation.

Storage of Personal Information

  • Storage of personal data received from Users is carried out using electronic media, including through information systems.

Protection of Personal Information

  • The Administration guarantees that it will not disclose or transfer personal information about the User to third parties, except in cases expressly provided for by current legislation and this Policy.
  • The Administration applies a set of legal, organizational and technical measures to ensure the security of personal data to ensure the confidentiality of personal data and protect them from illegal actions, namely:

Provides unlimited access to the Privacy Policy, a copy of which is posted in the Administrations Service;
In compliance with the Policy, approves and puts into effect the «Regulations on trade secrets and personal data processing» and other internal local acts;
Allows employees to access personal data processed in the information system of the Administration, as well as to their material carriers only for the performance of work duties;
Sets rules for access to personal data processed in the Administrations information system, as well as ensures registration and accounting of all actions with them;
Applies organizational and technical measures and uses information security tools necessary to achieve the established level of personal data security;
Detects the facts of unauthorized access to personal data and takes measures to respond, including the recovery of personal data modified or destroyed as a result of unauthorized access to them;
Performs internal control over the compliance of personal data processing with the requirements of 152-FZ, other regulatory legal acts adopted in accordance with it, requirements for personal data protection, Policies and other local acts, including control over the measures taken to ensure the security of personal data and their level of protection when processing in the Administrations information system.

Providing Personal Information to Third Parties

  • The Administration does not sell or exchange personal data of its Users.
  • The User understands that their personal information may be transferred to other Users of the Service or to third parties if it is necessary for the provision of gaming services (for example, personal information about the service provider may be transferred to the service customer for ease of communication and to comply with legal requirements).
  • The User understands that the Administrations use of personal information may include the use of personal information by the Administrations employees, partners and contractors who assist the Administration in managing the Service.
  • The User understands that their personal information may be transferred to state and/or municipal authorities in cases stipulated by the current legislation.
  • The Administration has the right to provide personal information about users to third parties if it is necessary to fulfill the terms of Contracts or other agreements to which the User is a party.
  • The User understands that the Administration may provide third parties with generalized statistics about the Users of the Service for the purpose of conducting statistical analysis, improving the efficiency of the Service.

User Support

  • If the User does not understand any points of the Privacy Policy, the User must first contact the Administration for clarification and only after receiving clarification to use the Service.
  • The User has the right at any time to contact the Administration with questions regarding the provisions of this Privacy Policy by sending a request for the contact information specified in the Service. When sending an appeal, the User is obliged to describe the question or problem in as much detail as possible, and, upon the request of the Administration, provide additional data.

The Expiration Date of the Policy

  • The Users consent to the processing of their personal information is provided by the user until the moment of its withdrawal or until the goal of processing personal information is achieved, whichever occurs first.
  • The User understands that if they withdraw their consent to the processing of their personal information, the Administration will no longer be able to grant them access to the Service.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

  • The Administration reserves the right at any time to make changes to any of the clauses of the Privacy Policy, without allowing the inclusion of provisions in the Policy that are contrary to current legislation.
  • The new version of the Policy comes into force from the moment it is posted, unless otherwise provided by the edition of the Policy.
  • Users are obliged to regularly monitor changes in this Privacy Policy for possible changes and if they do not agree with the updated terms of the Policy, immediately notify the Administration about this and refuse its services.
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